Monday, September 27, 2010

Still no running.....

...and I still have the knee pain. I also have less than 2 weeks until the Chicago Marathon.

I have put down two weeks of PT so far. I am also on strong pain meds too, but still have the pain. My left knee clicks, locks up and tightens up when I sit down for long periods of time. I can't go out and have out to have a great time without waking up the next morning in extreme pain. I even wear a knee brace as well to keep my patella stabilized.

I am getting very scared. This is my third attempt to do a FULL marathon and second attempt for the Chicago Marathon. I am so frustrated!

All I know is that I will have get a MRI soon. I just would like some closure with this. I don't like waiting...period. I am a patient person 'cept for when it comes to stuff like this.