Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Deja Vu all over again....

...but it's on the OTHER knee. Yes, fellow bloggers, this Firefly is having KNEE issues again. It's a TOTAL repeat of the previous knee issues that started after P.F. Chang's in January.
And what is this strong Firefly going to do?
I am not going to sit and cry until puddles are made near my feet.
I am going to work with my chiropractor and learn from the previous PT visits. I am going to ICE and ICE some more until I can not stand it. I am going to work on my cross-training to strengthen the weak muscles near the knee and quads. I had a very good massage yesterday at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy (was still in a total relaxation/snooze mode when he worked the ITB good).
I also hiring a drill instructor to help me out.
Not that one.
This one!
I am a Firefly on a mission. A mission to heal right so I can start my HM training - for the Chicago Half Marathon on September 9th and run WITH Josh. Josh needs his running partner back.


Wes said...

The second one is much more scarier :-)

Anonymous said...

This might sound sort of odd, but I've been looking for interesting blogs to read, and I like yours! I just started running actually. I have 2 blogs, one is private. Do you have an e-mail address so I can invite you to read mine? You can post it here or e-mail me if you like.


Jess said...

ITBS in the other knee as well?!

jkrunning said...

Hope your knee feels better soon. I need me a drill instructor.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Drop and give me $20.

L*I*S*A said...

Tee hee...your drill instructor is tough!

Danielle said...

that sucks. Hopefully it will work itself out and running will get better.