Sunday, November 19, 2006

NOW the Vikings REALLY SUCK!

Now I am very frustrated as a fan with my team. They have lost FOUR in a row and it's getting worse. The beginning of the game was not so bad, but the fourth quarter was going downhill....very fast. I had to turn the game off very quickly....and kringe to see the final score.
On the other side I am VERY happy because my Avs WON again against the Wild 2 - 1. It was a bittersweat victory for me. Two more games before the end of the season......if they do not play each other again in the playoffs. **grin**
Along with that, my friend, Chris's band - Hazen - did VERY well last night. They did so well that reached the semi-final round of the battle of the bands. To reward them for the awesome performance, they get 2 songs listed on the Progression Through Music Compilation CD + 50 CD’s , 5 hours studio time , 1 hour photo shoot + 18x24 Color Glossy Band Photo, Interview & picture gallery on the website.
Since they made it to the Semi-Finals which is scheduled for early-January (hmm....I will have to really think of a trip for that), they also receive Progression Through Music T-Shirts with their name on them. Every band that sells 30 tickets for the Semi Finals gets a 15 ticket bonus ($150), every band that sells 50 tickets gets a 50 ticket bonus ($500). Bands are welcome to sell the tickets for a profit or give the tickets away! I am SO proud of him and his band. They have spent a lot of hours in the studio during the past month, which has made it hard to talk to him before my trip and even during the trip. This is their FIRST big gig. We truly ROCK! Way to go, guys!
Well, I did not get a chance to workout today. I slept in a way too late this morning. I will have to REALLY squeeze it in tommorow definitely.


Kurt said...

Woo Hoo the Vikings lost. Yeah whoever they played. Hockey sucks also. LOL

Jess said...

A whole load of my friends were at the Dolphins-Vikings game here in Miami yesterday (all rooting for the Vikes), but I'm not much for watching sports, so we didn't go.

Don't worry, if the Dolphins won, it had to be a fluke; I think they suck.

carmen said...

Congratulations to your friend and his band! Sorry about your Vikings...hey, at least they ain't the Cardinals. *sigh*

Arizona's lackluster child.

Anne said...

Very cool consolation prizes for your friends. Maybe it helps wipe away the Viking's tailspin?

Rose said...

Yeah, your team sucks. The Bears are managing to have a respectable season so far. But one can't get too smug, as they are always capable of throwing away a perfectly good win at the last minute.

"Slept in way too late"? Is that possible? That's just restorative rest! ;-)

Marty said...

Ditto on the purple people eaters : ) Sleeping in? What's that feel like? Good luck in your training!