Friday, January 22, 2010

10 things that make me very happy

I was tagged by Jess from her blog. I need to come up with a list of 10 items that make me happy. Here it goes!
  1. My fiance, Josh, who completes my life.
  2. Running and biking very fast (or as fast as I can go).
  3. My two smart and adorable kids, Brandon and Eva. I love them very much!
  4. My step-pug, Sadie, especially when she cuddles me on the couch
  5. Chocolate, especially the dark kind. Yum!
  6. The gift of meditation - it puts me in a very comfy zen and I wake up feeling very peaceful.
  7. See #2 and add the Chicago Lake front on a sunny, less-crowded Spring day.
  8. My friends - I appreciate them so much.
  9. See #8 and add a Dim Sum Brunch in the Chicago Chinatown. 'Nuf said!
  10. Watching any of my favorite sports team in person or on TV.
If I list your name, consider yourself TAGGED: Wes, Runner Susan, Eyegirl, Taunya, Jess (21 Days).


Jess said...

Those are good ones!

Unknown said...

Some would make me smile too. :0)

Wes said...

Ack! TAGGED! :-)