Sunday, January 01, 2012

Goals for 2012

2011 is long gone now. Here is 2012.

This past year has brought out some challenges from issues with my knee and my 2nd knee surgery to returning to running again. This next year will have its own challenges as I progress in my running as I get back into racing form. I also am dealing with the challenge of finishing my Master's degree program in June and looking to move onto a potential Ph.D. program in August. I am literately entering the unknown with this, which can be quite unnerving right now.

Here's some of the goals/resolutions that I have for upcoming year.
  1. Continue to progress into my running as well as my weight training.
  2. Finish a HM at sub-2:00
  3. Completely return to my race weight (138-140#) and maintain it for the rest of the year.
  4. Complete my USTAF coaching level #1 certification.
  5. Start working on my AASP consultant certification process.
  6. Focus on my Ph.D. applications and follow-up on them.

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Anne said...

Good goals. May you achieve each and every one of them this year.