Saturday, August 07, 2010

15 miles.....slowly!

This is my 2nd "long" run this week - if you include Sunday's HM - and was hoping that I would do well. Well, I knew that I would be struggling when I started my long run. But I was determined to finish this long run. My legs felt like lead...PERIOD! I struggled and struggled. I started to not care about my splits as long as I finished. The weather was great, my lungs were not suffering from the d*** humidity, and happy to be running with Josh at times. I was happy to finish and to know that I properly hydrated during the entire run. I plan to do MUCH BETTER next week.

Mile 1 9:20
Mile 2 9:30
Mile 3 9:20
Mile 4 9:47
Mile 5 9:54
Mile 6 10:04
Mile 7 10:08
Mile 8 10:22
Mile 9 10:02
Mile 10 10:39
Mile 11 10:55
Mile 12 10:29
Mile 13 10:58
Mile 14 11:20
Mile 15 10:47


Jamie said...

That looks like a nice run! Sometimes, I wish I had some nice waterfronts to run by...

Wes said...

You can tell that you were feeling the race. The quantity of '9's in the first 10 miles or so is still impressive! :-)