Saturday, June 12, 2010

Humidity....what humidity?

It was supposed to be a very hot and humid run this morning. It was talked about on the news for days. Josh and I prepared ourselves by waking ourselves up at 5 AM this morning and starting out our run very early by the lakefront. We had a long day ahead of ourselves and wanted to get the run out of the way.

When we got out to the lakefront after a 30 minutes delay by the other half, the conditions felt so comfortable. I start feeling like I could do this without any discomfort so we started running southbound on the lakefront path. The wind behind really helped us as we ran. We saw a lot of CARA pace groups doing their 1st training run for the Chicago Marathon. By the time I got to the Oak Street Beach, I knew that I had it made. When I made the turnaround at the Ohio Street Beach, I immediately felt the mist in the air along the lakefront. As I ran along the North Avenue, I started running into the wind and felt the resistance. I didn't stop with only 2 miles to go. I kept on going and finished. Now I have a rest day tomorrow that I will get to enjoy. It's officially less than 4 months until Marathon Day.

Bring on the marathon training!

Mile 1 9:25
Mile 2 9:34
Mile 3 9:05
Mile 4 9:37
Mile 5 9:33
Mile 6 9:45
Mile 7 9:39


Jess said...

Great run! You'll have a great time training for the marathon!

Kate said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog. I am also a vegetarian runner and I just left Chicago about 6 months ago for San Diego.
I remember the lake front path all too well! =)
Happy training!