Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another 5K PR! - Gear Your Rear in Gear

After getting cleared yesterday to run this morning, I focused on doing well in Gear Your Rear in Gear 5K. The weather was much warmer than the last 5K that I did. In fact, it is a very unseasonably warm today with a high reaching near or at 90 degrees today.

Once the race started, Josh and I took off at a very comfortable pace. In fact, I ended up passing a lot of people on the race course in the 1st mile with Josh amazingly keeping up with me most of the way. I ended up a little in trouble after mile 2 when I started feeling tired and slowing down to a 9:24/mi pace. But I set myself up for a 2nd 5K PR in a month. After I finished, because it was SOO hot out, I asked a lady who was watering her lawn to spray me down with the hose. The water really helped me to cool down a bit.

Now I am relaxing inside of the house where it's actually cooler than inside.

Mile 1 8:30
Mile 2 8:44
Mile 3 8:52
0.11 mile 00:55 (8:25/hr pace)

Finish time - 27:02
Avg Pace - 8:42/mi


Scarlett Elliewood said...

Congrats! You beat the heat!

Wes said...

Yea! Keep'em coming :-)