Saturday, August 09, 2008

Got a race TOMMMOROW

And YES, the pre-race jitters has kicked in. I have taken it easy this week, but still kept up with the training. I went to the expo yesterday afternoon and had the opportunity to meet John "The Penguin" Bingham and Jenny Hatfield. I wish I had my camera with me that day because I really wanted to get a photo op with them. Damn!

After the expo, I went to Josh's office where I waiting for him before heading home. Well, I ended up hanging out with him longer than I thought. I even got an opportunity to finally see his cubicle while he finished up a problem issue for work.

I hope to do well tommorow. The weather is going to kick ass and not hot and humid. Gotta love it! I hope to get reach my goal of finishing and qualifying for the preferred corral. My 2nd goal is to just finish sub-2:00 so I have something to work on for Chicago. I have a big goal for Chicago and want to come very close to it. I have already planned a lot of speedwork after tommorow to work on it more.

Now off to work on stuff for the new house. I hear IKEA calling. :D


rinus said...

Goodluck and run a good time....
Groet Rinus.

Wes said...

Have a great race tomorrow! Leave it all on the course. Sub-2... You can do it!!

teacherwoman said...

Hey there chica! Goodluck tomorrow! YOu are going to do awesome! Enjoy it.