Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Good/Bad Run

The weather today made for another great day for a outdoor run. I had to finish my weekend at work. It was a lot quieter day compared to yesterday. The running paths along the lake was NOT quieter at all. It was jammed packed with people. I took another path today so I can have a change of scenery.

Unfortunately, my acid-relux decided to kick in today during the first mile of my run. I am not going to be give TMI, but I did not want to get a quick second taste of my lunch. Yuck! I was able to through the run even with the slight discomfort from my stomach. It really made me slow down a little bit and keep my pace at a decent level. In fact, it was very hard to keep it at a 9:30/mile pace. My legs wanted to go faster, but I had to mentally remind myself that this is a recovery/slow run. It was made it a very challenging run.

Mile 1 - 9:13
Mile 2 - 9:34
Mile 3 - 9:34
Mile 0.18 - 1:39 (9:22/mile)
Avg Pace - 9:27/mile

Tommorow - Rest Day! (and a major Chiropractor visit too!)


Jess said...

Good times, despite the lunch repeating on you!

Jess said...

Nice job on the run! Ick-o about acid-reflux

Danielle said...

Good job on the run. Sucks to have to work on the weekend...

chia said...

Nice time and the fact your feet were more eager than your mind is brilliant!