Friday, October 12, 2007

Thank GOD for 3 day weekends

....and the third one in a row too. I am still counting down the days until I take my LONG and much-earned vacation around my birthday (less than a month away!). I can not wait! I also started my 2nd to the LAST undergrad class on Monday. SO cool!

I went to the gym after a very challenging week (especially the last two days). I ran 4 miles on the treadmill and then headed to do 60 minutes of weight training and core workout. It felt SO good. I also dropped another 1.4 lbs so far this week and very happy about it. I am getting so close to my goal and very happy about the results this time around.

Another thing that I am looking forward to this weekend is that the VIKINGS and BEARS play on SUNDAY. It's the first of two games this year. I am SO PSYCHED! I have not talked about football lately because some of my teams have sucked, but this week is SO GREAT! On top of that, the GOPHERS are in town to play Northwestern during their Homecoming. I wanted to go to the game, but other things got in the way. It's a TOTAL MINNESOTA weekend in CHICAGO weekend. Whooohoo!

Time to work on some homework and then some snuggle time.

Today's workout
4 mile and weight training/core work
11:20/mile - NICE!


L*I*S*A said...

I hear ya on the vacation end of things. I'm looking forward to mine in January. The cruise can't get here fast enough!

Jess said...

Have a good weekend and enjoy all the sports-viewing!

Pat said...

Let's hope Minnesota takes it to the windy city.

Pat said...
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WannaBe5Ker said...

I am so ready for a vacation, too!!!

WTG on the run AND the weight training, I would love to start that up someday, too!!

Enjoy the fun football weekend. Rutgers won, things are looking up again here:-)