Friday, August 17, 2007

3rd day of running will have to wait one more day...

.....because my body had other plans today. It sucks, but what can do you do?

This has been very stressful week for myself and Josh. I had to take a huge responsibility at work, which I did very well of being the only supervisor the WHOLE WEEK. On top of that, at home I was being trying be a rock for Josh, who was dealing with the dying uncle who passed away from cancer on Wednesday after a long battle with the disease. He flew out last night at the last minute to LAX with his mom and grandma to attend the funeral until Saturday night.

Well, the stress did me under last night after I dropped Josh off. One stomach ache later that was comforted by ginger tea and then waking up this morning with chills and slight fever - NOT GOOD! I still mustered to go to work this morning until 11:00 in order to take care of business before I handed the reigns to my OIC for the rest of day.

Then I stopped at the new Whole Food in Boys' Town to get supplies until Josh gets home and then SLEPT! The sleeping was difficult for the first couple of hours due to the damn Air Show practice flying OVER MY BUILDING.

Well, the rest of the weekend is up in the air especially tomorrow. I hope to get the 3 miles in tommorow at the gym done. I will have to see.

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Wes said...

How stressful! Duh! Hope you feel better! and kindest regards to Josh....