Thursday, February 01, 2007

Calm after the storm...

Well, I have been talked about my relationship with Josh the last two days and feel like I neglected to fill in on things at home. I feel a little bit guilty about it. Well, as the subject states, things are a little bit at home. The entire legal process has been almost complete. The relationship with my ex has improved over the last two weeks. In fact, we are able to talk more and more than before the divorce. We act more civil towards each other. We lean on each other about certain issues like our job searches and such.
Ever since I started the process of getting divorced, my ex's luck has turned around for the better. Unfortunately, due to the lawsuit (which I can not talk about anymore due to a confidentiality agreement I reluctantly signed), he was forced to resign from his job with the same company after almost 8 years. with them. Fortunately, he was able to find a new job working in a hotel security department that started within days of his last day with the former company. He even interviewed with Macy's in DT Minneapolis (gasp!), but was turned down.
On the other hand, he offered an interview within days of starting this new job at Best Buy Corporate HQ that paid more than both jobs. After two interviews, he received a phone call with a formal job offer and immediately took it. This job showed a lot of promise for him and would give him better opportunities within the company. He gave his two week notice with the hotel, but has chosen to stick around as a PT/on-call weekend employee when they need him. He's very happy with working at Best Buy. My ex has even given up his quest to become a FT Police Officer, which ends our little competition for a job. His bosses have even placed him on a project to find a company that sells and installs a part for their phone system since he has previous experience with the former company (the one who kicked him to the curb when they were in the wrong!) handling those type of projects...and this is his SECOND week. Plus on top of that, he's going out with his friend the weekend that I will be in Chicago. Hopefully he will have some luck in the bar. ;)
Now I am dealing with starting the job search myself. My current employer has no more opportunities to advance. I just got turned down for another promotional opportunity. I will be lucky to get a raise to a level that meets the rest of the state. The officers at my alumnus make $3 to 5 per hour MORE than me...and do not have dorms to worry about. I am hoping to get the same luck (at least rubbed on me) as my ex. I am testing with two agencies for a job as a 911 dispatcher, which have experience in my current position. One of the test is tomorrow morning.
I am also attempting to see if I have some luck in Chicago area as well where I am seeing more security managerial positions openings, which will tap into my current degree and skills that I have. Plus the pay to a Police Officer is $15,000 MORE per year than in MN and from what I can tell (please do not quote me on it) they pay to send their officer to the academy vs. in MN we had to PAY our way into the Law Enforcement skill academies as part of our degrees (I paid over $5,000 for my education and materials). I would LOVE to have my Peace Officer Licence transfer like butter, but that would be serious dreaming if I did. I have to be working in agency here for 6 months and then transfer over my licence. Who the hell was smoking the good stuff when they wrote that? The job search and opportunities in MN is like cats and dogs with just table scraps for jobs.
But we will have to see. Please wish me luck and see if the job god will look down on me and smile.
UPDATE: NOT happy about the Avs performance. Another loss and another piece of crow to eat in front of the ex. Damn Defense! ANOTHER UPDATE: Firefly Lesson #9,950 - DO NOT take anything to help with sleep the night before an important job test that involves memory. UGH!!!


Wes said...

Good luck in your job search sweetie. I hope a string of fortunate events come your way and life takes some positive turns in your future. Chicago sounds like a wonderful place to live, provided you are already used to FREEZING ;-)

Kurt said...

Good Luck on the job search. Always a stressful event to do!

Hockey still sucks, it is college Basketball time and UNC is going to win it all baby!

Laurie said...

I'm glad you can be civil with your ex, it makes your day-to-day life so much easier until you can get your own places.

Good luck with the job search. It is a frustrating and difficult process. It will work out in the end.

Jess said...

Good luck with the job hunt: Things eventually wokr out, even though it can be frustrating and time consuming.

Dori said...

I'm glad things are calm on the domestic front. It will make it easier on the children. I hope everything went well with your mom; you haven't said anything about her.

Good luck with the new job search.

Jeanne Peterson said...

Good Luck on your job search and have a safe flight into the windy city. Dress warmly..

WannaBe5Ker said...


You have a lot going on right now, I wish you well in all of it, it is time for things to go your way:-)