Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pray for the Avs.....PLEASE!!

My Avs, who are an on and off swing this season, are playing the nasty Red Wings tonight. I hope they win tonight because I am on another bet series with my friend, Chris. The Red Wings won the first game of this 3 games series in January. It's a best of three and tonight's game may a lose tonight or play one more game to see who wins on next Sunday. I can not lose because my friend has a HUGE comeback especially after the last loss back in September. I am afraid that I might end up running in the cold in my skimpies or something horrible as revenage. Please send positive thought to my Avs. I know that Jenn will have to agree with me that they need to win TONIGHT. They have been doing VERY well against the Wild, but the Red Wings are a touch and go situation now.
Speaking of sports, I LOVE this new picture that I found on a friend's MySpace page (and YES, that's a gopher, people!) I hope to use it more and more next Fall when the MN Gophers play all of the Big 10 teams during football season - including Michigan, Indiana and Ohio State - especially now that we have a new head coach.

Going onto the topic of college sports, I just would like to play my tiny violin to my fellow blogger friends who are Kansas Jayhawks fans who's team LOST to Texas Tech by 5 points. While I am NOT happy with my Buffs' performance this year and gearing up for the Valentine's Day showdown with Kansas, I am also on the huge bandwagon with my Air Force Falcon who won again today and ranked #13 in the polls (at least today - maybe higher after Sunday). It will be my only opportunity this season (or many more...hmmmm) to do this so it does not hurt to have a little fun and humor with it. Right? But I need to watch my back too since I will visiting Chi-town in less than 3 weeks.

Well, I need to vent a little bit before I end this post. I am SO frustrated with the company that took the race picture this year. I received the notification today, but only to find out that there's NO pictures of me AT ALL with my race number or at least FOUND. Goddamnit!! I e-mailed the company to get an explanation of this and ask them to keep looking through the pictures. Hell, I had the race number on my LEG so it could not be hidden at all if I decided to put my jacket around my waist. But the good news is HOPEFULLY I will get a digital copy of my race finish and make LOTS of copies so people can put it on their DVD players at home. I payed $15 for it to be sent to me. **sigh** I just want my pictures! UGHHHHHH!

Enough ranting for now. GO AVS!


Wes said...

Good luck to the Avs... They are going to need to win without any help from me! LOL. I think seeing you run in your skivies would be cool! I bet you would cut a minute or so off your mile average. Hee, hee...

Laurie said...

Love the gopher pic.

That's too bad about the marathon pictures. Hopefully they find a few.

Theoutofshapeguy said...

very bad move

Marty said...

No Pix?! Come on, with a great time like that? I ran one of my slowest races at Houston, and I got something like 10 to 12 pix. What's up with that : )


Irene said...

Sorry to hear about your pics... I've learned the hard way, also, that you need to put your number up high on your chest so that nothing covers it. I had a race last year that my number was too low and my jacket (wrapped around my waist after I got too hot) covered it. When it's on your leg, part of the number gets distorted in the pictures. I hope something turns up for you. There's a section with unidentified photos for the AZ event -- Have you checked through that? Good luck!


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I don't know what happened to the comment I wrote last night.  It was something along the lines of angry jayhawks circling overhead, ready to peck your eyes out or at least poop on your car.