Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Vikings SUCK!!

Yes, I am NOT happy with the result of today's game against those damn Cheeseheads. UGHH! The refs did not help the Vikings out too especially during the start of the 2nd half. UGH! The Vikings SUCK!
Well, my night last night was not that great. I had a very busy event last night and was very tired when I got home. After I took my bedtime meds, I hit the sack and went to sleep. Unfortuately, the sleep was not completely all. I woke up THREE times with throbbing pain in my ankle and strong sense of thirst. I finally woke up at 6 am, ate a banana, took some Advil, and drank some water before heading back to bed. I did not feel at all rested by the time I woke up at 9 a.m.
I totally cancelled by run this morning with the TNT group. I had some pain in the bad ankle and had a gut feeling to not run today. I decided to listen to the feeling and rest it out today. I called the running coach to let him know that I will not be there. He agreed with my decision and felt it should be looked at again. It does not hurt to walk, but has been bugging for the last day or so sitting my desk. I would rather sit it out again this weekend, continue with the eliptical machine, and see the doctor to have it looked at. I may even finally give in and request a PT referral even though I have received awesome help from fellow RBF members. **sigh**
I feel horrible for not running and it's getting closer and closer to race day. I have stay committed to my training and fundraising. I do not want to let anyone down, especially my dad who's watching over me right now. I have so much personal stress and anxiety going on right now that I need to release it. Running is my personal source of therapy and adreniline release.
Plus I have been eating really badly lately. (Yes, this Firefly is not perfect in the dietary consumption too.) I blame the stress and pressures to increase my emotional eating. Plus the gloomy weather has not helped at all. I went grocery shopping on Friday night after work and bought a lot of healthy stuff to eat. I need to get myself back into the routine again. I need a swift kick in the pants by my friend, Chris too.
I plan to get back on the eliptical machine tommorow morning before or after the chiropractor's visit along with some weight training. I will get back in the saddle. I just need to find a way to do it. Again, I am NOT a quitter.


teacherwoman said...

I too had difficulty watching the Vikes today. Sad.

I am sorry to hear about all the trouble your ankle is giving you ... but, I am glad that you listened to your gut instinct today and called your run off... Nice move.

Take it easy Firefly and maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

Wes said...

No you are not a quitter. Doing what is right for you is not the same thing as quitting. It is called being smart.

L*I*S*A said...

I think you were wise to opt out of the run today. It's best to err on the side of caution. Let it heal. You can always head to the elliptical for cardio.

We all have slumps in eating. Mine tonight was an Arby's Beef and Cheddar!

carmen said...

I am so glad that you are not a quitter. You rock!

I wish you a butt kicking week! I know you won't let me down!

Oh, I haven't thought of a good restaurant yet. I've been way too busy to think. I'll have to enlist the help of my fiance' on this one. When I think of something, I'll let you know.

Ryan said...

Hope you feel better soon. Get some rest for that ankle. Then set a goal to come back in little baby steps. With a Plan, you can be back running the way you want to soon.

Jess said...

While RBFers are a lot of help, we're not doctors, so I would get a PT referral. And don't worry about letting anyone down -- you'll get it done; you're tough!

electrojosh said...

Don't worry, Denise.  You are a strong runner (and a strong person) and you'll do great on race day no matter what happens.

Maybe it's time for some temporary relief for the stress in your life.  Take some time for your yourself and treat yourself to something nice.  You'll feel better.

Kurt said...

Go Packers!

Eating right all the time is a chore. Even I struggle with it.

Good decision to listen to your body. Lets hope that ankle heals up quickly.

The Spandex-King said...

To the Packers!!! It can't get any worse. Good luck with your training. You have to listen to your body.

P.S The pack still sucks!!

Tara said...

Don't beat yourself up for listening to your body. I have to remind myself that sometimes not working out is long as I'm listening to my body and not just being lazy. I hope your ankle feels better soon!!

Jess said...

I know exactly what you mean about the stress and the bad weather making us all unmoviated to do anything even remotely healthy. Sometimes we all just need that kick in the pants. I could sure use one now too.

Dori said...

I hope the rest is helping your ankle. And belated Happy Birthday--even though you didn't get the Bob Seeger tickets. With all the cross training you've been doing, I'm guessing you'll do fine in the marathon. That's one of the blessings of youth. :-)

Danielle said...

It's sad to lose to the cheeseheads, but I still love my boys in purple. Win or lose. They are rebuilding right now. It's new coaching (finally rid of the Denny Green era regime thank God!!) staff, new players, lots of young's going to take time to get back to the team of 97!!

Be careful on getting back, remember you have time to build and train yet, but you can't do it if you don't let yourself heal.