Monday, May 14, 2012

DNF #2 aka How NOT to do a HM!

Well,I had a race on Saturday 2nd HM on tap. Well, I was supposed to FINISH it. This was not the case this time.

I would have done it much easier if it wasn't one thing that I got in the way a week earlier....the flu. Not just any flu - the SUPER FLU!! And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I happen to get it just a day after arriving home from a school-related trip to Washington DC. I love flying. I just hate getting sick after I get home part. I thought it was just another sinus infection because the symptoms at first looked like it was pointing in that direction: drippy nose, sinus pressure, the huge fatigue, and did I mention the drippy nose?! Then the next day....BAM! I got hit the body aches and more nasal dripping that brought on some coughing. I went to work feeling like I could handle it....WRONG!! It ended up where I thought my work day would never end. Then I had the night from hell where my body just started attacking itself with the headache and body aches. That's where at 5:30 am with nausea from the headache from coughing too much ( are damn GOD-SEND!!) I started to wave my tiny white flag and resign to having to stay home from work. I just had enough....before I went back to sleep for another 4 hours.

And I slept...and slept. Until I took each ounce of strength to get my cell phone and make an afternoon appointment with my doctor. That's where I got the news..after getting a giant q-tip stuck up my nose: THE FLU. FML!! Seriously?!

But I got the greatest gift that a doctor could give when you are sick with the flu and coughing a lot: CODEINE! It makes most of your troubles go away with every 4 hour stretch of sleep. My husband at one point thought I looked like death warmed over and adorable. (Thank, hun!)

Fast forward to Saturday morning, I was feeling 95% better from the flu and ready to run this HM. I ended up struggling after mile 3. The fatigue came back. I started coughing up phlegmy-phlegm. I then started to struggle very bad. Then the lightning struck 1/2 mile away....F***! Then I kept on running and lightning again....f***y-f***! When it started pouring, that's when I decided that it was not worth being a human lightning rod and getting worse than was already. I put my safety and health first.

Yes, I am pissed! I have a right to be. But I still have two more HM to go this season. I am not done yet. I have Grandma's in less than 5 weeks. I will be putting every ounce of energy into preparing for this race. I am determined to get my sub-2:00 somehow. I just need to get rid of this cough first.


bobbi said...

Ugh! So sorry it went down this way :( I hope you are feeling MUCH better now...

Nobel4Lit said...

Boo to the flu for making you feel so icky on race day!