Monday, March 26, 2012

Time for PLAN B!!

Well, it is official. I struck out in the bottom of 9. I didn't pass go. I didn't collect $200.

I was rejected from every school in my original plan that I wanted to travel out of state and attend. It looks like someone's trying to give my husband and I need to stay here in Chicago for a few more years.

I am started PLAN B now.

I have decided to apply for the PsyD program at my current school and continue my education here. But I am going to have plenty of competition. LOTS of it!

I am going to need lots of prayers, positive vibes, possible animal sacrifices (I would prefer not!), or anything that will appease the Gods.

I am determined to get into a PsyD program! This is my chance!


Dori said...

YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck, Firefly.

bobbi said...

Lots of positive vibes coming your way! (and I'll see you in MN :) )

Wes said...

eever surrender! Good luck!

Anne said...

Sorry to be so late to send positive thoughts your way. Hope it helps.