Thursday, July 07, 2011

Countdown to my R2R Day!!

Yes, blog peeps! This Firefly will be returning to running.....soon. It has been officially slightly over 5 months since my 2nd knee surgery. I am taking things very...very....slow before I get back on the path again. I have set a R2R day for August 4th.

I have been doing a lot of cycling lately. In fact, I am in the middle of the MapMyRide - Aquaphor Tour de France challenge. I have been enjoying my outdoor ride a lot especially knowing that I am completing again against faster riders. But I have been able to hit and maintain a speed between 15 to 17 MPH on most parts of the ride, but nothing slower than 13 or 14 MPH. I am slowly knowing when I really slow down.

I am also hitting the weight room a lot lately after switching gyms. I am starting to develop mini guns and looking more toned than before. I even have my hubby loving to go to the gym as well. He's been looking quite studly lately with the big arm muscles. I am beginning to wonder if the ladies have been noticing. Now if I can get the beer gut down.....hmmmm.

I took the GRE a couple of weeks ago. I am not happy with the results, but it will at least get me more considered at my prime choices for graduate schools. At least my grades are still maintain close to 3.9 so I start to enter my 2nd year of my Master's program. Plus I had a strong score on the writing portion of the GRE and I believe that's more important than the other two scores.

That's all for now. Now I am off to bed.


bobbi said...

Well! All I've got is a big fat YAY!! So glad everything is going so well :)

Anne said...

I'm sure you're really excited to finally hit the road after all of these months. You'll be amazed at how quickly the aerobic capacity comes back to you, especially with all of the cycling you've been doing.

Wes said...

nice work, chica... on all accounts.