Sunday, April 10, 2011

Waking up the FIRE....

....inside of me.

I finally was able to take a break from Physical Therapy and start a self-training program this past week. I finally returned to the gym on Monday and starting riding the recumbent bike and walking on the treadmill. I have been able to slowly increase my time in the gym and will increase it again this week. I also have been incorporating some ab and arm work as well to burn more fat and gain more muscles in those areas that have been lacking.

I also have gotten my bike tuned up and then picked it up yesterday. I took it out for a nice ride along the lakefront for the first time this year. It was great to be outside and riding along familiar territory and paths.

My goal this summer is to be able to get outdoors more and spend less time in the gym. I hope to add more strength training as well. My goals is to get a light kettle bell and incorporating some of it into my workouts.

But my huge motivation was being at the Shamrock Shuffle expo. The experience gave me a little more motivation to heal up so I can run again. The Orthropaedic Surgeon said that I should be healed up by early-Fall so I can run then. I am about 75% there and just to need to work on my strength and endurance to come back.

For the first time, I am hopeful to get my running life back and not miss out.


Dori said...

You must be doing well to be able to ride your bike outdoors! You've gotten through these downtimes before while your knee healed; hopefully this surgery fixed things for good!

lifestudent said...

Saw you post on another blog about living in Chicago. I'm here too - and getting tired of the 70/40 degree fluctuation ;)

Anne said...

Keep up the physio and you'll be back stronger than ever.