Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still no running/Grad School search STARTS

Well, I have not had much to write about because.....I haven't.

I still have not been running again since my re-injury on Christmas Eve. I saw the orthopedic doc this afternoon who attempted to tape my tape to help my patella with little help. I have to go back to PT.....again for 4 more weeks to help with Patello-femoral Syndrome issues. I am also dealing with a possibility of having to make another trip to the OR...again...for another arthroscopic surgery to have a complete synovitectomy on my already surgically fixed knee (and previous had the same procedure done last time too!) due to acute (and possibly chronic) synovitis issues. I learned today that the synovial lining on my knee grows back within 6 to 8 weeks with hopes of it growing back the right way instead of pitching nerves, tendons, and ligaments. Well, it looks like this regenerated synovial lining is a reject so far. We will have to wait and see if it helps or not. I don't mind the rest part, but would like to be able to be up and active instead.

While I have not been active, I have spending my time researching schools to attend for a PhD program. Graduation is just over year and half away and getting closer by the day. I am excited at the prospect of moving out of Chicago and going somewhere else to complete the last piece of the pie.

Here are some of my selections (or suitors):

1. Florida State University

They have one of the first American Psychological Association (APA) sanctioned and approved programs for Sport and Exercise Psychology that I have seen so far. Plus I would have a lot of opportunities to work with athletes. But I did I mention the winters than in Chicago.

2. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Okay. I just went to the other extreme. But it's close to my kids and it's in an area where I familiar with.

3. University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Another great program that has been highly recommended after looking at other schools. The area would be great for Josh to get a job while I am in grad school. The weather and climate is also very nice as well.

4. University of West Virginia

I like this program, but not as much as Florida State. The plus side is that I would be admitted to the Doctoral program in Sport and Exercise Psychology and also admitted to the Master’s degree program in counseling. Thus, upon completion of the doctoral program, I would be awarded a 2nd Master’s degree in counseling and can sit for the licensure examination as a professional counselor.

5. University of Utah

I found this program is very eye-opening for me. The area is near one of the USOC training sites for the Winter Olympics. Plus the program is another highly regarded within the country. The weather would be similar to Chicago, but some issues with the smog which I didn't take well when I was in LA.

So many choices. I just have to get my butt moving to take the GRE and hope to get in one of these programs.


julie said...

The University of Minnesota is a pretty good place to get your Ph.D. I am finishing my Ph.D. in Kinesiology this semester. But it the location of some of the other places sounds pretty nice.

Bummer about your knee. I hope it gets better soon so you can start running.

Wes said...

Sorry to hear that your knee is being so stubborn! Keep busy!