Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Me vs. The Wind for 3 miles

felt great this morning even though I was woken up at 4:30 am by some heavy rain hitting my window this morning. I was ready to tackle a 3 mile run even though it was quite windy this morning. I headed out to the Salt Creek Trail and started my run. I felt very comfortable with the pace that I was at and attempted to stay completely steady. I didn't want to rush myself or hurry through my run. But with that said, I slowly felt myself run a little bit faster and faster throughout the run even with the wind. There was no point when I was running faster that I felt tired or struggled. By the time I finished, I felt completely fantastic, but started to feel the effects of my run in my left ITB and knee. I knew that I had to ice and hit the foam roller when I returned home no matter what. I am thankful for a rest day tomorrow, but might make it an active rest day on the bike depending how my knee feels in the morning.

Mile 1 9:04
Mile 2 8:49
Mile 3 8:27 - WHOA!

Avg Pace - 8:47/mi


Wes said...

I'm sure the wind surrendered shortly after you got started :-)

Anne said...

What a speedy run! Good for you. Ugh for the ITband pain...hope it doesn't give you too much trouble.