Saturday, September 04, 2010

18 miles = REDEMPTION!!

This weekend was a total 180 degrees from last weekend when I made my 1st attempt at 18 miles. The weather this morning was a lot cooler than the past few days with my wake-up temp at 53 degrees, but it's PERFECT weather for me. It brings me back to my days with Team in Training and all of the training runs while running along the lakes and Mississippi River. Once I started running, everything came back and felt alive. My breathing was much better. My legs felt fantastic considering I took a Zumba class on Thursday and did a lot of squats in the class. My mind was completely focused. Everything was perfect. Now that I have this mileage done, all I have left is to complete the BIG 20 miler in two weeks at Busse Woods in Elk Grove Village. I know that I am ready and excited to complete it to go to the home stretch before the Chicago Marathon. I AM READY!

Mile 1 9:33
Mile 2 9:29
Mile 3 9:39
Mile 4 9:55
Mile 5 9:38
Mile 6 9:47
Mile 7 9:40
Mile 8 9:37
Mile 9 9:34
Mile 10 9:39
Mile 11 9:41
Mile 12 9:36
Mile 13 9:41
Mile 14 9:44
Mile 15 9:45
Mile 16 10:01
Mile 17 9:54
Mile 18 9:53

Avg Pace - 9:42/mi


Neese said...

Impressive 18 miles Denise! I love this weather too, perfect.

Wes said...

nice one!

gmontalvo13 said...

wow! i wish i was even close to your pace!