Sunday, August 01, 2010

Rock and Roll Chicago HM Recap: TIME FOR PLAN C!

It was a nice day for a race. I was quite nervous before the start of race. I know that I have been training for awhile so I know that I am in the game. I started out in the 5th corral, which was awesome. I felt very strong as I ran in the Loop, but once I got to mile 9 along the lakefront the humidity hit me hard. I struggled during the last 2 miles of the race, but was determined to finish and attempt to go sub-2:00 HM. I was extremely happy to finish even with the finish time. I was happy to just PR during the race. I am more determined to complete a sub-2:00 very soon and work harder for the Chicago Marathon.

Mile 1 8:53
Mile 2 8:42
Mile 3 10:12
Mile 4 9:56
Mile 5 7:15 <~~~~ Wow! Where did that come from?!
Mile 6 9:16
Mile 7 9:26
Mile 8 9:35
Mile 9 9:44
Mile 10 9:24
Mile 11 9:47
Mile 12 9:24
Mile 13 9:39
Mile 0.46 (according to Garmin)- 4:15 (9:11/mi)

Avg Pace - 9:19/mi


Scarlett Elliewood said...

Great job! You'll get under 2 hours next time. The humidity is harsh, even when you're acclimated.

rinusrunning said...

Concrats and a good half marathon time.
I think that you feel good at the 5 miles time and run faster?.
The next time by running the marathon it is better to look out when you feeling good at the race and use your break to not run to fast because the marathon is long!.

By the marathon by 28km and 34km it is heavy and try to stay running(not walking).
And the marathon is only 7km long!, the last 7km ;-).


Wes said...

Yea, you'll get that sub-2. Look how far you've come!

Jess said...

So close to that sub-2 hour! But great job on an awesome race!

Mark said...

Good race! A sub two is gonna happen!