Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marathon Training: Going solo....again

I have spent this entire running season since last November training with my husband. We trained while planning our wedding. We trained when I prepped for the LSAT. We trained after I got the bad news about my LSAT. We trained up until our wedding. We trained after we got married. We trained a lot after I lost my job in April. We started training for Chicago Marathon in June. We did our long run together every Saturday morning.

(cue in record screeching)

Well, everything came to completely STOP this afternoon when he walked into the operating room.

My husband who's my marathon training partner found a lump on one of parts. He finally went to the doctor two weeks ago who immediately sent him for an ultrasound. The next day he received a phone call from his doctor that she's referring her to an urologist because the ultrasound showed something that concerned her. He was then scheduled to see him, but had to wait over a week to get in. Then on Monday, the urologist personally called him and told that he needs to come on Tuesday instead of Friday because he was extra concerned about what he saw on the ultrasound. He wanted to make sure he "received treatment" before he went on vacation for two weeks.

We went to the appointment on Tuesday to see the urologist. It was at this appointment he was given the ultimate bad news - his marathon training is OVER....period. He needed surgery the next day (today) to move the male part and would not be able to run for 6 WEEKS, which would end TWO WEEKS before the marathon. SEASON OVER...period!

I am quite upset about this. I enjoyed it when Josh would train with me and be involved with my training. Right now, it's very painful for him to talk about running. The marathon training meant a lot to both of us. We fell in love as runners. Running begins us closer as a couple because it's our shared interest. It's going to be a difficult long run this weekend.

We should know the result by the end of the week. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Anne said...

I'm so sorry to read'll both be in my thoughts for sure! You can do this for the both of you...I know it won't be the same, but you will run a marathon together one day. Hugs ((()))

Dori said...

OMG! I hope he's OK. At least it's not the Big C. Tell Josh I hope he has a speedy recovery.

I do hope to meet both of you when I'm in Chicago. We'll make plans as the time gets closer.

Leah B. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this! I hope all goes well and he has a quick recovery!

Wes said...

I'll trade Josh being 100% healthy for having to train to be a better spectathlete ANY DAY! He'll be primed for the next marathon too :-)

Nobel4Lit said...


Sorry to hear about your husband's emergency procedure. Although it sucks to put running on the back-burner, it will be there for him when he recovers. You'll be running partners again before you know it!

Meanwhile, have you discussed sitting this race out? I know it sounds rash, but just asking...

Amy said...

Training with friends and colleague is much fun than doing it solo...Hope you have a great training...Good luck!!!