Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Exodus: Completing 16 miles

I have not much an opportunity to run this past week due to a week of stress involving Josh's surgery and now positive cancer diagnosis that was out of my personal control. My main focus was completing the miles instead of speed, which helped a lot for me this week. The weather was absolutely perfect and starting to look forward to the weather improving to make longer long run more comfortable. I felt the stress from the past week roll off of me as I ran. The splits may not have been what I wanted, but at least I finished my run with a smile on my face.

Mile 1 9:38
Mile 2 9:42
Mile 3 9:45
Mile 4 10:07
Mile 5 9:57
Mile 6 10:03
Mile 7 10:08
Mile 8 10:21
Mile 9 10:14
Mile 10 10:26
Mile 11 10:23
Mile 12 10:13
Mile 13 10:01
Mile 14 10:24
Mile 15 10:25
Mile 16 10:26

Avg Mile - 10:08/mi


Wes said...

and I'm sure a smile is just what you needed :-)

Jess said...

Nice job on the 16 miler! They look like good splits to me!

Amy said...

Great job, you had a very good run in there!!!


Dori said...

Good job on the running.

I'm so sorry about Josh's cancer. I hope the surgery got it all and he's recovering quickly. That must be very scary for both of you.