Sunday, August 29, 2010

The 18 miler that wasn't.....

I had planned to go out on Saturday morning and complete 18 miler. It was very beautiful day - very low humidity and very cool temps. But my body had other plans....period - and I had to listen to it quickly. I woke up with lower GI crap before my run and went to bed Friday night with two fans hitting me even though the room was comfortable. When I woke up, I was determined to get my run done. I took it easy for the 1st mile since I was still weeding myself through the CARA pace groups. Then it started hitting around mile 2 along the Oak Street Beach. I still felt like I had not warmed up yet. I also felt like someone was literately pushing against me. My lungs started feeling very tight. I eventually slowed down a little to allow myself to "catch up". As I approached mile 3, I knew that I just had to get to Josh, who was waiting for me at mile 4 off of Randolph and stop my run. I just didn't feel at all...period. My lungs were feeling tight and my sinuses were feeling very heavy. I did eventually saw the doc who said to take it easy. I am determined to get my 18 miler done next weekend no matter how bad this week is.

Mile 1 9:43
Mile 2 9:47
Mile 3 9:32
Mile 4 9:58
Mile 0.02 - 00:13 (11:28/mi)

Avg Pace - 9:45/mi

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Jess said...

Sorry you were ill, but if you don't feel right, you don't feel right. No worries.