Saturday, July 10, 2010

Strong 11 miler

This week's long run went much better than previous weeks. The humidity was low even though the temps were pretty warm. I was able to maintain a mostly steady pace throughout the run. I didn't have part of the run where I thought I was in trouble or started bonking out. I even made sure that I hit all of the water stops so I was properly hydrated. It made a huge difference in the quality of my run. I hope that my next week's run goes well like today.

Tomorrow I will heading out on my bike for the 1st time in 9 months. It will be a test ride to see if my wrist holds up okay. I will be pacing Josh as he makes a second attempt at his long run and serve as the mobile hydration station.

Mile 1 9:22
Mile 2 9:31
Mile 3 9:17
Mile 4 9:40
Mile 5 9:36
Mile 6 9:44
Mile 7 9:47
Mile 8 9:27
Mile 9 9:46
Mile 10 10:01
Mile 11 9:24

Avg Pace - 9:35/mi


Jess said...

Great run!

Wes said...

Good run! Staying hydrated is an important key. Good lesson!!