Tuesday, July 06, 2010

It's a HOT, HUMID 3 miler

This morning I woke up at a normal wake up time to run before the heat. This morning was an exception to that rule. It was a morning that I woke, saw the temperature, and just said "Ok....f*** it!" It was already 76 degree by 6 am. So I declared it a hot weather training day and lowered my mileage to 3 miles like yesterday. Once I got started on my run, I struggled at times because of the heat, but I pressed on.

After I completed my run, I was happy to get some coconut water to drink in order to prevent any muscle cramps. Tomorrow's a rest day, which is well deserved. My next running day is on Thursday with some humidity predicted, but not as hot. Whoohoo!
Mile 1 9:32
Mile 2 9:34
Mile 3 9:17

Avg Pace - 9:28/mi

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Wes said...

don't lower your mileage. Lower your speed :-) 1 minute per 10 degrees above 60 I think is what Galloway sez, and drink plenty!

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