Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot and Humid 13 miles - DONE

It was a cloudy, hot and humid morning for my long run. The weather was originally supposed to be dicey because of storms rolling in later in the morning from Iowa. I started out way too fast for the 1st mile and have a feeling that it played a part in finishing my long run. I didn't mind the clouds because it kept the heat of the sun away, which would have made things much more difficult for me. I ran all the way to McCormick Place before I turned around and heading back. I managed to see a very mad momma duck by the bridge at Solidarity Drive, who was protecting her nest of babies. I managed to see another momma duck on the way back in Lake Michigan with her babies near the Ohio Street Beach. I was angry that the Fleet Feet people right after I crossed Randolph St heading SB around 8:30 AM. When I headed back, I thought I missed the water stop, but quickly realized that they closed shop very early. Now I am gearing up for my HM in two weeks with a 11 miler long run set for Saturday morning before heading to Milwaukee with Josh. My plan for tomorrow is hit the pool tomorrow morning for 10 laps in order to loosen up my legs.

Mile 1 9:05 <~~ TOO fast!
Mile 2 9:25
Mile 3 9:28
Mile 4 10:11 <~~~ Damn wind!
Mile 5 9:36
Mile 6 9:45
Mile 7 9:43
Mile 8 9:39
Mile 9 10:28
Mile 10 9:38
Mile 11 9:47
Mile 12 9:49
Mile 13 9:25


Jess said...

Great job on the long run!

Middle Name Marie said...

Great job with the run! Good luck with your upcoming half