Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another speedy 4 miler

It was another day of perfect running weather. We had very low humidity in the air. Unfortunately, I had put together an evening run instead of my usual morning run. It was due to serious side effect from my new asthma inhaler causing heart palpations. After a nice 90 minute nap, I went out with Josh to run. I managed to go sub-9:00 on all of my mile splits.

I have a cross-training/rest day set for tomorrow. Then I have 12 miles on tap for Saturday morning before heading out of town for the holiday weekend.

Good night!

Mile 1 - 8:59
Mile 2 - 8:49
Mile 3 - 8:58
Mile 4 - 8:32

Avg Pace - 8:50/mi


Jess said...

what an awesome 4 miler! congrats!

Wes said...

yes... I felt a tremor in The Force...