Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July Holiday Weekend

It has been a very busy holiday weekend for me. I usually posted after all of my runs, but Josh and I ended up traveling right away after our long run on Saturday. Well, almost right right, we had to come home to pack right away after realizing that we had to drop off our pug at the kennel before they closed for the weekend at 2 PM. Then we stopped to get something to eat and drink for the 2 1/2 hour car trip downstate to our friends' house. But I am now finally home to post my results from Saturday as well as post results from this morning's run - both very hot.

Saturday - 12 mile long run

Well, our morning started somewhat early, but not early enough. The temps when I woke up were in the comfortable mid-60's and I was fine with running in that. What I didn't realize is that the temps quickly went up from that to the low 80's during the course of my very long run especially when I finished around 10:30 am. I was very warm - ok, HOT - by the time I finished and I managed to snag every water stop and refilled my small water bottle twice during my run so I was adequately hydrated. On top of that, I did not enjoy the hill in the Museum campus near my turnaround point at mile 6. I have biked it previously and had no problem. Running is a totally different animal and really affected the rest of my run. I was happy to finish my run and take a short walk in order cool down quickly.

Mile 1 9:23
Mile 2 9:17
Mile 3 9:09
Mile 4 9:27
Mile 5 9:27
Mile 6 9:46
Mile 7 10:06
Mile 8 9:54
Mile 9 9:33
Mile 10 10:03
Mile 11 10:00
Mile 12 10:00

Avg Pace - 9:41/mi

Today's Recovery Run

Moving forward to this morning, I woke up this morning and ran with my hubby and our friend, Shea. It was quite "warm" this morning and humid. I had planned to attempt a 4 mile run, but ended up cutting it short to 3 miles instead after starting to experience some nausea during my run. I was happy that I managed a very awesome pace for a recovery run. Our friend - who declared me as being the fastest person of the group - was able to keep up with me without wearing a Garmin and was shocked at the split when I read them AFTER we finished. He told me that he wants to pace me again in order to increase his speed. I was completely honored by the quote and will have another shot when they come up in August for one of our cocktail parties. I hope to do better tomorrow morning and attempt a longer distance with a little extra speed.

Mile 1 9:07
Mile 2 9:21
Mile 3 9:26

Avg Pace - 9:18/mi


Jess said...

Nice job cranking out two solid runs in this hot and humid weather!

Jess said...

I feel for everypone who isn't used to running in the heat, but we set our A/C to 76 ;)