Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wind Resistant vs. Solar Heat

Which one is worse?

I woke up earlier this morning so I could start beating the heat in order to complete today's 4 mile run. Well, by the time I got out to the IL Prairie Path the temps were in the lower 70's, but the humidity was much lower than yesterday. As I started my run, I started running WB on the path right into the wind. It get me a lot of resistance and made me work for my splits. By the time I got to my mile 2 turnaround, I was getting happy to finally have the wind at my back.

But my happiness was short-lived when I realize the winds were keeping me cool. It quickly got really, really warm. I was psyched to finish my run without overheating. I am slowly learning that I need to get up a little more early if I want to avoid the heat even more. I plan to start that tomorrow morning when I wake up at 6 AM instead of 7.

Mile 1 9:31
Mile 2 9:29
Mile 3 9:14
Mile 4 9:25

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Jess said...

Wind is extra tough. I'd take just about any weather but wind!