Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today's run has cancelled..

...due to unseen storm damage from flooding in our basement.

I went through HELL last night, which started with a line of storms coming through our area. I had to run into the basement when announced a Tornado Warning just west of where I live and heading my way. As I sitting in my shelter area, water started coming up. I ran out of the room, grabbed Sadie out of the room, and took out everything in the room. Since Josh was still at work, I called him and informed him of what was happening. I then unplugged all of electronics to prevent water hitting it. I also saw that the laundry room's sewer drain had water coming up as well. After 30 minutes, the water slowed down and started to recede. I was completely frazzled, but thankful that I still had power and was safe.
Today, instead of running, I saved my energy due to wanting to save my energy to do the 4 hours of cleaning all of that sewage on the floor. I have a 11 mile run on schedule for Saturday morning. I have a much deserved spa day scheduled for tomorrow, which included a Swedish Massage. I plan to enjoy it.


Scarlett Elliewood said...

Ugh! Sorry about the flooding! I much prefer a hot, humid run to a house disaster.

Jess said...

OH NO! That sucks! Hope it cleans up quickly, easily and without too much cost!