Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here comes the DOUBLE DIGITS!

Yes, it's that time in my half-marathon/marathon training - DOUBLE DIGITS! And I was ready to bring it on.

Well, the weather felt nice when I arrived to start my run. But I could still feel the humidity in the air. The run started out very nice. As I reached the turn around point, I started to feel like I was struggling. By the time I had two miles left, I felt like I was running with two lead legs. I still powered through it and finished.
Since I postpone this run until today, I will have a second double digit run scheduled for Saturday morning. I will have to adjust my training schedule this week to allow that. I am ready to try this again on Saturday.

Mile 1 9:35
Mile 2 9:34
Mile 3 9:29
Mile 4 9:58
Mile 5 9:51
Mile 6 10:04
Mile 7 10:01
Mile 8 9:54
Mile 9 9:48
Mile 10 9:43

Avg Pace - 9:48/mi

1 comment:

Wes said...

nice job! Hope that Saturday run went well!