Sunday, June 06, 2010

8 miles...DONE!

I had a slight delay on my weekly long run. The weather yesterday was stormy so I was forced to put it off until today. When I woke up this morning, I was so happy that I put off the run. The weather was absolutely PERFECT - cool, low humidity, and perfect wind speed to just keep me cool. The running path was 85% dry with some muddy spots where I had to run around or just not care that my shoes get a little dirty. When I finished, it felt really good. I am starting feel good about 1st of two big races coming up - the Rock-n-Roll Chicago Half-Marathon, which is less than 2 months away.!

Mile 1 9:25
Mile 2 9:24
Mile 3 9:23
Mile 4 9:34
Mile 5 9:30
Mile 6 9:28
Mile 7 9:23
Mile 8 9:13

Avg Pace - 9:25/mi


Wes said...

very nice! Rock on!! :-)

Morgan said...

Great job on the long run girly! You are going to do great come race day! Thanks for your comments lately, sorry I haven't had a chance to stop by and say so!