Friday, May 28, 2010

Speed Workout 4 x 800 meters

This is my 1st speed workout today. I have never really had a chance to do outdoor speedwork. I found that the track across from my husband's high school was open to the public. After my 5 minute warm-up, I went out and nailed my 1st interval. But after I finished, I found out that I did not hit the start button on my Garmin during my warm-up before I started. Ooops!

Then I went out for another warm-up and then attempted my official recorded 800 meter interval. It was really tough to do two laps on the track. It was mentally a challenge for myself to accomplish. But I continued the workout one interval after another. By the time that I was done, I was happy to cool-down and finally finish. I was beat...done...and exhaused.

I definitely earned my day off tomorrow as Josh and I fly out to Boston during Memorial Day weekend for his step-brother's wedding. We are planning a 6 mile run along the Charles River in Cambridge. It will be a nice change of scenery.

Have a safe weekend!

Interval #1 - 4:07 (8:15/mi)
Internal #2 - 4:05 (8:11/m))
Interval #3 - 4:12 (8:25/mi)
Interval #4 - 4:25 (8:32/mi)


Iron Jayhawk said...

Just wondering if you've done a run test to determine what your interval paces are supposed to be, or if you're just running balls out? If you haven't done the test, you should consider doing it so you've got an accurate target for different types of speedwork (LT, interval, anaerobic thresh/VO2, etc.). I've found this to be critical in training.

Wes said...

yay! have a great trip!