Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post-Rainy 4 miler

It was a rainy night and morning here. I was forced to wait the rain out and see if the weather would clear up. Things cleared up around 12 noon so I ate a light lunch and prepared myself to head out around 1:30. I headed up to the Salt Creek Trail since I didn't want to deal with the rush hour traffic since it was already getting late into the afternoon. The temperatures were perfect even with the clouds. I also had no wind to deal with as well. The trail was wet, but that's expected. Then I set out for a very 4 miler before my rest day scheduled for tomorrow.

When I arrived to park the car in the lot, the weather drove out all of the people who usually use the trail during the day. That was fine because I knew that I had an empty trail to run on. And then I really ran. I think yesterday was just a warm-up.

Mile 1 9:16
Mile 2 9:03
Mile 3 8:56 <~~~ Where did that one come from?
Mile 4 9:00

Total time: 36:18
Avg Pace: 9:04/mi

I earned my rest day tomorrow.


Wes said...

Mile 3 8:56 <~~~ Where did that one come from?

Do you really want to know? Just go with it :-)

Jamie said...

That sounds like such wonderful running weather! I'm jealous.