Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's a HOT, HUMID 6 miler...

...but I got it done. It felt great when I started my run, but things changed quickly when I reached mile 2 on the path. I quickly forgot how far the lakefront path got when I run northbound. The shade and breeze felt good when I felt it, but the heat and humidity got the best of me. I even took a salt packet before I started my run with a sip of water. I even did the wet sport bra trick at the water fountain to cool myself off. It somewhat worked because I was able to finish in the shade.

Mile 1 9:02
Mile 2 9:15
Mile 3 9:28
Mile 4 9:32
Mile 5 9:35
Mile 6 9:34

Total Time - 56:28
Avg Pace - 9:24

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