Monday, May 10, 2010

4 miles of Speed Cometh

I hit the Prairie Path once this afternoon for another 4 mile run. The weather was much better than Saturday with warmer temps and no rain, but still had to deal with a gusty E/NE wind and cloudy conditions. I will let the splits speak for themselves.

Mile 1 9:29 (away from the wind)
Mile 2 9:32 (away from the wind)
Mile 3 9:17 (running into the wind)
Mile 4 9:00 (running into the wind)

Avg Pace - 9:19/mi

I hope to get a run in tomorrow. The weather doesn't look favorable, but I will make it a wait and see approach. It's going to be a week of modifications to my training schedule if the weather plays it wild card.


teacherwoman said...

Great job, girl! :)

Wes said...

That doesn't look like a Prairie to me, but I recognize a good run when I see one!

Tricia said...

great job!