Thursday, January 07, 2010

My decade...

I know that this is over a week late, but it took me while to compile my thoughts and compose the list. The list is mixture of things that I accomplished and things I learned during the last 10 years. Some are good and some were just really stupid mistakes.

1. Traveled to a foreign country for the first time (and waiting over 9 years to do it again)

2. Struggled with understanding patience

3. Learned that things come for a reason at their own time

4. Became pregnant a second time and expected a healthy child

5. Learned that you should never make assumptions in life

6. Learned to stand up for someone who cannot speak for themselves

7. Learned how to let go and allow God to take the driver’s seat

8. Learned how life precious is and not take it for granted

9. Gave birth to a stillborn daughter while sacrificing a part of myself physically and emotionally

10. Learned to get back up when I fall down and try again

11. Become pregnant a third time and blessed with a healthy, energetic daughter

12. Learned that I need to stand up for myself and put myself first

13. I signed up for WW and took the first step after reaching my heaviest weight ever.

14. I found my self-confidence for the first time as the weight came off.

15. I also found that I also had the courage to walk away and not look back.

16. Filed for divorce for the first time.

17. Found hope in a new relationship.

18. Went back to school for the first time in years.

19. Pursued my Associate’s degree

20. Got married for a 2nd time

21. Found out that my dad was ill with leukemia a month after I got married.

22. Dad gets a bone marrow transplant, but ends up in an induced coma for 2 weeks.

23. Learned how precious life is for a 2nd time after losing my dad

24. Life goes in a different direction

25. Started training for my 1st marathon with Team in Training for RNRAZ

26. Became a stronger person

27. Completed my Associate’s degree

28. Start on my Bachelor of Science while I start preparing to take MN State POST exam

29. Passed the MN POST exam

30. Started training for my 2nd marathon with Team in Training

31. Became a better runner

32. Became a faster runner

33. Became a determined and stronger woman through injury

34. Learned how to move on once again and walk away from something out of my control.

35. Learned that you must change first and take the lead to be the better person.

36. Filed for divorce for 2nd time.

37. Found love in unexpected places

38. Found my new best friend and partner in life

39. Moved to Chicago.

40. Completed my Bachelor of Science degree

41. Graduated with University Honors (Magna Sum Laude if I had the minimum credits to graduate with Greek Honors)

42. Learned that I need to love myself before I can love someone else.

43. Learned to be a better person and friend

44. Completed my first Century ride

45. Learned to be myself and love myself for who I am

46. Travelled to some very fun places within the country – New Orleans, NYC, Brussels, Amsterdam, Phoenix

47. Learned that I do have a lot of patience – more than I thought


teacherwoman said...

Wow... what a decade. Thanks for sharing!

Jess said...

Wow you've accomplished a ton of things in 10 years! Can't wait to see what the next 10 hold!

Wes said...

Sounds like a very positive ten years over all. That's what life is all about :-)