Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I got the FEVER...

....RUNNING FEVER that is.

As I have been re-training myself and returning back to running, I am starting to feel the love that I used to feel over a year ago. I have been hitting the treadmill four times a week while I am on period of Disability from work. I have managed to hit a steady 5.3 MPH (11:17/mi) with a 7:1 running/walk ratio for 65 minutes. I have been slowly getting rid of walking portion as my legs and heart/lungs get stronger. I also have been working on a little bit of speed work once a week as well.

Now I, with the support of Josh, have started looking at future races to do this year. I have unfinished business at the Chicago Marathon from 2008. I also have unfinished business at Chicago Distance Classic (now Rock-n-Roll Chicago) from 2008 especially at mile 9 where my body forced me to stop temporarily and erase all hope for a sub-2:00 finish. I also still have unfinished business at RNRAZ as well where I was hoping to make a repeat trip for the full marathon in 2007 and ended up running the half marathon instead. I felt a huge sadness and jealousy when I read the stories about my fellow running blog friends participating this weekend's race. I love simply love the course and love the cities.

So my plan for 2010 is to start training in May for RNR Chicago and then continue towards to training for Chicago Marathon. My goal for RNR Chicago is sub-2:00. As for the Chicago Marathon, I will start with a sub-5:00 for now, but will not be shy to up it to sub-4:30 as I work on my training.

It's official: I AM BACK!!


rinus said...

WOW, thats good running news and go for it, you can do it!.
Greet from Rinus!.

teacherwoman said...

She's Baaackkk!!

Anne said...

Welcome back to running. It's incredibly generous to those who left and wish to return, so long as you respect it and what it can do for you. Good luck.

Wes said...

hello, stranger runner gurrrl :-)

Jess said...

Whoooo welcome back girl!