Friday, July 03, 2009

Riding thru Bad News

On Wednesday, I finally found my fate for this fall with attending law school. Well, my fate became sealed in a thin envelope. Yes, law school is NOT going to happen this year.

After this bad news and then a very rough day at work, I went out for a long bike ride along the lakefront. My agenda was 8 miles, but I ended up with 14.4 miles because I wanted to keep going. I never though that bad news would encourage awesome mile splits.

Mile 1-4 16:54 (4:14/mi) - STUPID garmin!
Mile 5 4:16
Mile 6 4:07
Mile 7 4:15
Mile 8 4:22
Mile 9 4:43
Mile 10 4:41
Mile 11 5:08
Mile 12 4:03
Mile 13 3:56
Mile 14 3:59
Mile 0.4 1:51 (4:45/mi)

Avg Pace - 4:19/mi
Total Time: 1:02:21


Jess said...

Sorry about the law school rejections. Grad school admission is really competitive right now -- in a weak economy everyone goes back to school -- so maybe next fall will offer a new opportunity!

Wes said...

Yup!! Keep your chin up and DON'T GIVE UP! I like the way you take out your frustrations too! Take that bike!!!!

Danielle said...

Like Jess said, grad school gets really tough to get into in a tight economy. Just re-work the essays, study and re-take the LSAT and see what happens next year. Explore your options too. I know you really need a new job, but hey, you now have that BS degree, use it to your advantage. Might not hurt to talk to a career counselor too and figure out some things.

Anne said...

I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason, and maybe this is nature's way of allowing you more time to plan a wedding and find another calling.

Dori said...

Sorry about the bad news. You must be very disappointed.

When life gives you lemons, buy tequila and salt and throw a party!