Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another Short Firefly Update

Well, it's now 2009. Another year has passed. Here's a short update since my last one.
  • Received LSAT results: Not so good. They are to embarrassing to post. As a result, I am re-taking the exam and starting a cram course with Princeton review on Saturday morning through the week of the exam. I hope to retain the information and improve my score.
  • Josh and I celebrated our 2nd year together and started on our 3rd on NYD. We went to our favorite sushi place at Bob San. Yummy!
  • Heart news: Echo came out alright, but still waiting for results from the event monitor. I have some good days and some bad ones too. Taking it day by day right now. The bad ones seem make look closer to get the ablation done so I can run.
  • Job News: I am finally going to free from Law Enforcement field very soon. I just accepted a transfer to a different department within the hospital. It will help me as I prepare for law school and accomodiate the schedule this fall. The new job will be a very positive one because it will involve less stress and pressure, which will be very good for my heart.
  • Sad News: I just found yesterday that my little brother will preparing for his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq in a month or two. I am pretty sad about it. He unfortunately lost 6 member of his company last time, which make me nervous this time. I do not know yet how long he will be gone, but I hope that it's shorter than last time.

Happy Hump Day!


teacherwoman said...

A change in your career sounds exciting.

I am sorry to hear about your brother preparing for his 2nd duty overseas. It seems like most of those in the military are dealing with multiple tours. Very hard on them and their families and friends. Your brother, and you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Jess said...

Sorry to hear about your younger brother's 2nd tour in Iraq. My youngest brother leaves for his first tour shortly, and the thought of it scares the bejesus out of me.

Danielle said...

That sucks about the LSAT and I can totally relate having taken the GMAT. And sorry about your bro. My cousin was there and it scared me. Can't even imagine what my aunt was feeling!

Cool about the new job. Hope it's a good change for you.