Sunday, October 05, 2008

Another fun weekend...

....after my Friday totally SUCKED!


I visited my first of 4 law schools that I am inquiring about. It was a lot of fun and obtained some more information on the school and the law school application process.

Watched the tailend of the Minnnesota-Indiana game. Awesome win! Go Gophers!

Got my butt handed to me by my better half on the Wii. Need more practice.


Went to the Apple Orchard and bought lots of apple goodies

I am now heading to the Blackhawk-Avs game. Totally psyched!

I also want to send extra kudos to Danielle, who BQ'ed at Twin Cities Marathon this morning. You totally rock!!

It's going to be tough week for me. It's already emotionally hard to watch the Chicago Marathon commericals. I am all ready to cheer at the Charity Mile (Mile 15) with my TNT purple and white. I just need to find someone to run in my dad's memory, which make it more bearable. I wanted to do it for him.


WannaBe5Ker said...

Sounds like a great weekend... know I've not been around a few weeks, you got hurt? I am so sorry! I hope it won't keep you out of commission too long!

Reading backwards in your blog now...

Wes said...

Well, Friday musta sucked to prep you for the weekend. Woot! I love sherpa-ing at races! Embrace the sherpa!! :-)

Danielle said...

Thanks for the shout really was a tough run and I'm so glad it's done and I got the results I did...

I can imagine how tough it's going to's too bad I couldn't have known as I would've put your dad on my bib...I told my dad when I saw him after the finish that that was for him.

Dori said...

Sorry about Chicago. I've been out of town and didn't know about your ankle. Sucks. I'm guessing you'll be too busy with law school in '09 to have time for marathon training anyway.