Monday, September 29, 2008

Summary of my week

Here's a quick summary since my dreadful doctor's visit over a week ago. It's a whirlwind and emotional week.


Light duty at work - sitting down
Chiropractor adjustment - feels very good considering that I am limping around Made a yummy trip to Devon Avenue for Indian food


Appointment with my podiatrist regarding my ankle
Could not verify the MRI findings
Ended up waiting until Wednesday for the full results as he reviews the films
Learned to not take radiologist readings to heart
Podiatrist placed my ankle into an ankle soft cast to reduce swell and pain
Became very frustrated and tested my patience


My ankle injury has been downgraded to a very, very bad ankle sprain
NO marathon still


Watched lots of college football
Yelled at the MN Gophers as they got their a** handed to them by Ohio State
Went to a birthday party for a friend
Ate great Ethopian food and drank lots of sangria


Woke up a slight hangover headache
Watched more football

I have a follow-up appointment on Wednesday with the podiatrist. My time table to running again will depend when I start my PT rehab and how much my ankle has healed.


Jess said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Good luck with all the stuff at the doctor and I hope you're back to running soon.

Wes said...

The ankle from hell! Glad it isn't as bad as was first thought!!

L*I*S*A said...

Ugh...I hope you get some good news on your next visit.

Jess said...

Hope the next doc visit goes well!

Danielle said...

Hopefully you'll be back to running soon!