Friday, September 19, 2008


As you can tell by my title of my blog entry, I received very bad news from my doctor regarding my MRI I had on Wednesday morning. It is so bad that I do not any hope of running the Chicago Marathon in less than a month. I will have to wait to another marathon.

As for the injury, here's the initial findings from the radiologist:

"Bone marrow edema is idenitified with the medial aspect of the talus consistent with a bone bruise. There is mild edema of the calcaneus at the area of the sustentaculum tali. There is very small amount of fluid at the navicular insertion of the tibialis posterior tendon. This could be indicative of an an avulsion injury. No ligamentous interruption is appreciated. There is small amount of fluid within the ankle joint space.


Bone Bruises of the navicular bone and calcaneus. Possible avulsion injury to the navicular attachment of the posterior tibialus tendon."

I must have had a worst fall than I thought. Right now, I fighting through the numbness and feeling devistated slowly. I am sure as soon as reality hits that I will continue to grieve. I am trying to take it all in right now, but it's pretty hard.

I am back to couch duty and need to stay off my feet as much as I can. It will not so hard because I will have good football to watch the next two days. Plus this is the first weekend where Josh and I are not running around getting our house ready. No running for me...period for awhile.


J~Mom said...

I am sorry to hear about this. :>( I hope it heals up soon.

L*I*S*A said...


I'm sorry, Denise. Rest up and get better soon. ((HUGS))

Jess said...

I'm so sorry to hear that!

Wes said...

Bah! Gives you a good excuse to get some rest sose you can kick ass next time!!! Chin up!!

})i({ RunnerGirl said...

OH no! I have been mia from blogland and didn't catch this. I am sooo sorry Denise.

Amy said...

Dang that stinks!

Jesse said...

So sorry to hear about your injury and missing Chicago. Hope you feel better soon.

Danielle said...

Sorry about the marathon...but not sure I understand the injury. What does all that mean?

bestonline323 said...

I hope You get well really soon!

God bless,
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WannaBe5Ker said...