Monday, August 18, 2008

Very, very busy weekend in new house

As the title states, we have been very, very busy with the new house. Josh and I spent the weekend living the house this past weekend. It gave a taste of what we will expect once the move goes through in less than TWO WEEKS. (Yikes!) Here's a synopsis of the weekend:


Ran 30 minutes on treadmill. Went to Target some food for the weekend and stuff for the new house. Josh worked from home and had the Security system installed. Found out the HARD way that we will NOT have hardwood floor due to BAD, BAD sub-floors in the basement. Josh found newspapers from the 1950's used to line the old linoleum from the original owners. Not good!


After a very BAD night of sleep, I ended up postponing my long run until Sunday. We slept in and bought a new 52' flat-screen HDTV, which BEARLY made it into our little car. We made another trip to Target for new pillows and Home Depot for supplies. I had an AWESOME gnocchi and pesto at a neighborhood Italian restaurant. SOOO good. We also ended up tracking the Women's Marathon via my laptop since we did not any working TV.


I slept in and woke up to prepare for my long run. I then headed to the gym instead of relying on Josh to bike as I ran. He was extremely tired from working overnight and staying up until 6 am. I completed my 90 minute run, but originally planned only 60 minute. My legs felt great! Josh and I got some of the furniture put together as we had our satalite TV installed. We officially have two rooms completed - the kitchen and guest room. Then we headed off to dinner with one of Josh's friends at Lalo's - a new favorite Mexican resturant - that's only a mile from our house.

We only have one night in our own bed in the old apartment before we head off to our pre-move vacation in MN. We will head out on the road after Josh gets out of work. I am only working a half-day myself with sometime to get supplies before picking up Josh. We have a fun trip, which include some baseball, food at the fair, and my informal 15 year high school reunion. There will also be a 16 miler in the works as well.

Time to get some sleep.


Wes said...

Busy times, but good times :-) You guys have a great time in MN!!

Jess said...

Wow you definitely have been busy! I'm not sure how your survived an entire 90 minutes on the thrillmill lol.

L*I*S*A said...

Busy, busy! Sounds like you two are enjoying your new digs. :)

Jess said...

It certainly does sound busy! Better get some rest.

Pat said...

Running and moving, that's tough. But, I'm sure you'll love your new home.

I know you want the Twins to win, but they have a lot of road games left. It's gonna be tough for them. Enjoy the game during your vacation.

Danielle said...

New houses are fun aren't they? :)

Rae said...

Have a great trip! It sounds like you're already enjoying the new house and neighborhood!