Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CDC Race Report

Well, it's been a couple of days. I am slowly feeling a little bit better. I was very, very sore yesterday and not in the greatest of moods. I did get a massage last night, which has helped to relax me.

My race day started at 3:45 AM on Sunday. I got dressed and relaxed before I started the hydration and fuel process. After I was ready, we headed towards the Loop on the train. It was weird riding the train this early on Sunday, but the weather was SO beautiful. Once we got to our stop, we walked to the starting line. I saw the "Hi" guy near the starting line. I then headed down to the Team in Training tent before heading to gear check.

Then Josh and I went our separate ways at the Starting Line. He headed off on his bike to meet me on the course. I started to get myself pumped for the start of the race. I was also nervous at the same time. Then it was time to get started. I ended up in the 2nd wave instead of the first, which went to the elites. Here's the synopsis of the race.

Mile 1-5: I felt like I was completely flying. I was running at between 8:20-sub-9:00/mi. I felt good.

Mile 6-8: I was starting to feel very fatigued. The wind from the lake was creating a HUGE resistance even though I have been able to run against the wind many, many time. My legs felt tired. I really pushed myself. I had one of the TNT coach running with me. I really needed the support.

Mile 9: I...HIT....THE....WALL! I also started to feel absolutely LIKE SHIT! I had to completely STOP. The TNT coach had me put my head down to get the blood hitting there again. It helped a little bit better. I then starting walking slowly before running again.

Mile 10-13.1: My main goal was to FINISH. Time did not matter at this moment...period. Right before I finished I saw Josh again. I then had my "bite me" moment and yelled at Josh to "f***ing get out of my face." Then I ran to finish....and I finished strong even though my legs did not want to.

After I finished, I called Josh to find him. Once I found him, I immediately starting crying because I was so glad to finally finish even though the time I got was not what I wanted. Then I found Barb and thanked her for cheering me on. We chatted as we cheered on other TNT runners who was struggling to finish. Josh and I then said our goodbyes and then headed off to the TNT tent for breakfast provided by the chapter.

I then got myself some pancakes at the TNT tent. Once I got my post-race meal, I was rudely greeted by my GI tract with the strong urgency to use the port-a-potty RIGHT NOW. I found Josh and quickly handed off my plate to him and RAN to use the facilities for Round #1. (I am NOT going to go into great detail for everyone's sake.)

Afterwards, I quickly ate and begged to head home so I could rest. On the train ride home, I could feel Round #2 hitting my GI tract. But thanks to some Imodium, I stopped Round #3 from forming in its tracks. Josh and I lounged on the couch and watch the TiVo-ed Opening Ceremonies on the TV before taking a long 3 hour (MUCH needed!) nap.

Now I needed to rest today and tommorow before starting my Chicago preparations on Thursday. I plan to add (with the advice of my awesome chiropractor) resistance training to my plan in order to help me prepare for Chicago along with some hills and speedwork before my 20 miler in a month or so.

Now I plan to hit the sack. I need to sleep. The race report is sponsored by my right big toe. What a beaut!


Alison said...


Even despite not having the race you wanted, you are such a photogenic look great in the pics!!

AnthonyP said...

3:45 AM - I know what that is like !

Congrats on a great finish.

Wes said...

Ewwww... The sight of that toes cleared my mind of all other thoughts... :-)

Another one in the books and moving on to Chicago! Nicely done!!!

Jess said...

Well, despite it not being the race you wanted, you still ran strong and had a good finish! Well done!

Jess said...

You ran an awesome race even though you had to stop for a bit! As always great race pictures and good luck as you start looking toward Chicago.

Runner Susan said...

Why did I just now figure out we are both doing the Chicago marathon? Where have I been?

Great job on the half!

rinus said...

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Good luck and i use this produkts and heave never problems !.
Groet Rinus.

chia said...

You might be the only person I know that looks that gorgeous in race day pics :-). Good job pushing through it!