Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend with the kids

Here's a short synopsis of the visit with my kids. We had a very busy weekend and way too short trip.


It was so super, duper fun taking the kids to Chinatown. They had their first Dim Sum at Triple Happiness and they ate it all up...literately. After lunch, we headed into the rest of Chinatown for dessert and smoothies. The kids loved watching the Thaiwanese television in the Chinese bakery. We also hit one of the gift shops and allowed the kids to pick out one toy to bring home.

After the visit to Chinatown, we headed to Navy Pier for some fun time. We walked through and outside to the end of the Pier. My son decided to a (temporary) tattoo. But also allow his hair to hang out as well. Josh took the kids on a ride of their choice. Eva chose the super-duper freaking high ferris wheel, which I quickly declined going on because of my extreme fear of HEIGHTS. This is one that's WAY, WAY higher than I will EVER be comfortable with.

After our fun outing, we headed home tired and exhausted. But we had a HUGE surprise waiting for us on the CTA train ride home for the kids to experience: CUBS fans! We got to the Grand CTA station - the entire train was f***ing packed with Cub fans who partied without us a few stops before ours. My poor kids had to be smooshed in the train like kiddie sardines for about 3 stops (THANK GOD!) I was NOT happy about it (as you can tell.) After we were freed from the train, we took them for our favorite Vietnamese sandwich place for some Ba Mi and home movie time.

Our day started off very early, but still sleeping in by my standards. We took the kids onto the train and headed back in the Loop where we had a HUGE agenda planned for them. I started the trip separated from the boys and had brunch at American Girl where reservations at least a month in advanced in neccessary. (My son had other feelings about American Girland made them known AFTER we left to go inside.) Eva and I were joined by Josh's mom, Marianne. The brunch was excellent. They served us some cinnamon rolls at the start of our meal, which Eva ate quickly. Then we had our main course. Eva and Marianne had french toast. I kept it simple myself with the Fruit and Yogurt plate since I was preparing for a very long run the next day. After the main course, we had a very cute cup of white chocolate mousse in a cup and a sugar cookie (yum...dessert for breakfast - YAYY!) After brunch, the shopping began. All I can say is that we left with three shopping bags and the rest of my checking account still intact. (**sigh**)

While the girls were in American Girl, the boys did some walking around Magnificant Mile and through Watertower Place. We met up with them after brunch and attempted to go to the Hershey store with no avail. It turns out that the store was robbed the night before and could not open on time. We took our chocolate craving business to the Ghiradelli store instead and bought them some yummy treats.

We then headed to ESPN-zone to allow Brandon to some of the fun as well. The girls ended watching the guys after they ate since we were still stuffed from the big brunch. After their lunch, we headed upstairs for very fun time. Brandon kicked my butt in basketball, but I beat him in a race car after crashing my car twice. I won Eva a stuffed bear out of claw machine. It was a great moment.
After our trip downtown, we headed home and rested up before making a trip to the doggie beach. The kids LOVED the doggie beach. We even brought Sadie with us. The kids loved swimming with Sadie. Unfortunately, Sadie had a little bit of a suitor in the form of a red Pomeranian, who was very persistant in trying to get Sadie's attention. Sadie was very annoyed about it.

After we left the doggie beach, we headed home so I could eat my pasta while the rest of group had fried chicken. While the kids watched movies with Josh, I headed to bed so I could do my long run the next morning.


All I can say is this day started off as a little bit WARM. A little TOO warm. I woke up at 5 am. I ate my pre-run bar and started hydrating. I felt good - until I saw the morning temperature at that moment - 73! All I could say was F***! It got worse when I started my run. The sign off of Broadway said 81 and I started to get very nervous. I had 10 miles to get done, but I did not want to get ill in the process. I had my Camelbak on with cool water so I could have access to fluids. But the bad part is that my left zipper pocket BROKE in the 1st mile when I double checked my keys and stuff, which had my money and GU. The first 4 miles went well, but things went serious downhill as I started my 5th mile. The hot, humid air was starting to get to me and I started to feel the effect from the heat. Plus I had to make an emergency GI relief trip at the bathroom just between North Ave and Fullerton.

When I got out of the bathroom, I realized that I was REALLY, REALLY in trouble. I still had over 5 miles to go and had no way to get out of it. Josh was home with the kids. I did not have my bus pass. After I finished my 5th mile, I stopped and slammed a whole 20-oz bottle of Gatorade. I did not care. I needed to rehydrate so I did not go downhill further. After I crossed the North Ave bridge, I did not care how fast I was going. I just needed to finish...period. The 2nd half of the run was MUCH, MUCH more shadier - THANK GOD!
Mile 1 - 9:34
Mile 2 - 9:26
Mile 3 - 9:20
Mile 4 - 9:20
Mile 5 - 10:04
Mile 6 - 10:13
Mile 7 - 10:02
Mile 8 - 10:14
Mile 9 - 9:43
Mile 10 - 10:02

Avg Pace - 9:50/mi

Complete time - 1:38:18

When I finally finished, I grabbed some fluids and food to snack on when I arrived at home. I was SOOO happy to be home, but slowly becoming ill from effect of the heat. I kept rehydrating, but the fatigue and headache started to slowly. I ended up retreating to the bedroom and lying down. I also had the visions of my first marathon in my mind and the post-marathon events that happened. NOT of headache, but a little bit bearable. Josh allowed me to rest in bed and sleep while he entertained the kids. He was so sweet! I ended sleeping for several hours, which helped a little bit. I started up with the hydrating again.

We headed to the Western Suburbs to show the kids our new house and take them to Marianne's house for dinner. The kids loved her garden and being entertained by her two doggies, Nessie and Seamus. It was nice ending to their visit.

Sunday started off early as we went back on the road. The trip to Tomah was a little faster even traffic really sucked. Josh and I took it easy on the way back to Chicago since it was hard to say goodbye to the kids. It made the end of the weekend easier for me.


L*I*S*A said...

Sounds like a fun-filled weekend! Great pics, too. :)

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

The kids stayed in the car.  Most of those photos are of professional child stunt doubles.

Jess said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend!

Jess said...

Awe the kids are too cute and it looks like they had a blast! Sounds like a fun weekend and extra props to you for getting your run in despite the adverse weather conditions!

Wes said...

Wow! You sure packed it in for the kiddos! Nicely done! and I enjoyed one of your longest posts that I can remember ;-)

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great weekend with the kids! You guys did so much in one weekend, plus you did a long run! awesome!

Danielle said...

Ah yeah...the heat isn't so much fun. I'm doing 18 in it tomorrow. Love when you start early and it's still hotter than you expect!