Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids in Chicago: Day TWO!

Well, it's my 2nd day of my kids in Chicago. We spent most of yesterday in the car for over 10 hours. We drove back and forth to Tomah and Chicago. Traffic was b*** both ways near Chicago. Josh and I took them for their first Chicago meal at Superdawg. Brandon loved the Superdawg while Eva and I enjoyed our grilled cheese. We were SO happy to be home when we arrived.

This morning, I did a 30 minute run before we start our 2nd day of fun in Chinatown and Navy Pier.

Mile 1 - 9:11
Mile 2 - 9:04
Mile 3 - 8:54
Mile 0.32 - 2:54 (8:53/mi)

Avg Pace - 9:02/mi

Off to have fun!


Jess said...

Nice 3 miler!

Enjoy your time with the kids!

Wes said...

Livin it up with the kiddos!! You have fun!!!

Jess said...

Sounds like you're having a good time with the kids!

Runner Susan said...

great times on those miles.

Dori said...

How nice to have your kids with you. I'll bet the apartment feels very small right about now. Have fun.

Rae said...

Have a great time with the kiddos!!!

WannaBe5Ker said...

Yay for the kiddos in Chicago, and WTG on that great pace you got there!